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PRO’s & CON’s

Sixth Sense



Fire Fighting



Jack of all Trades

Smooth Ride

Signal Boosting


Off-Road Driving

Brothers in Arms


Eagle Eye

Designated Target

Safe Storage

Snap Shot

Clutch Braking



Call for Vengeance

Controlled Impact

Preventative Maintenance

Adrenaline Rush

Situational Awareness

Which crew SKILLS & PERKS should I take?…

OVER-ALL RATING (out of 5 stars):



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Average = 49.4

This Nation’s




This NATION gets 5 STARS! This COUNTRY's tank-tree rated out of 5 STARS!

Pick a RUSSIAN tank and hit ‘Go’:

 GamePlay Video of a Top Russian Tank:


    II - SU-18

    III - SU-26

    IV - SU-5

    V - SU-122A

    VI - SU-8

    VII - S-51

    VII - SU-14-1

    VIII - SU-14-2

    IX - 212A

    X - Object 261


    II - AT-1

    III - SU-76, SU-76I

    IV - SU-85B

    V - SU-85, SU-85I

    VI - SU-100Y, SU-100

    VII - SU-100M1

    VII - SU-122-44

    VII - SU-152

    VIII - ISU-130

    VIII - ISU-152

    VIII - SU-101

    IX - Object 704

    IX - SU-122-54

    X - Object 263

    X - Object 268

    X - FV215b (183)


    V - KV-220 Beta-Test

    V - Churchill III

    V - KV-220, KV-1S

    V - KV-1

    VI - KV-2, KV-85

    VI - T-150

    VII - KV-3, IS

    VIII - KV-4

    VIII - IS-5 (Object 730)

    VIII - KV-5, IS-3

    VIII - IS-6

    IX - ST-I, IS-8

    X - IS-4

    X - Object 260

    X - IS-7


    I - T62A_sport

    IV - A-32, T-28

    V - T-34, Matilda IV

    VI - A-43, T-34-85M

    VI - T-34-85

    VII - T-43, A-44

    VII - T-44-122

    VII - T-44-85, KV-13

    VIII - T-44, Object 416

    VIII - T-54 first prototype

    IX - Object 430 II, T-54

    X - Object 140

    X - T-62A

    X - Object 907

    X - Object 430


    I - MS-1

    I - Arctic Fox

    II - T-26, BT-2

    II - T-60, Tetrarch

    III - M3 Light

    III - BT-7, T-127

    III - BT-SV

    III - T-46, LTP

    III - T-70

    IV - A-20, T-80

    IV - T-50, Valentine II

    V - T-50-2

    VI - MT-25

    VII - LTTB

    VIII - T-54 ltwt.

In Soviet Russia, Tank Drive You!


Devastating (Derp) Guns

Great Armor

Good Speed

Russian Bias

Russian Bias (it’s worth restating)

Terrible Accuracy

Ammo Racked!

Ugly Camo

Not Much Else Really…


Light Tanks:  20

Medium Tanks:  21

Heavy Tanks:   20

Tank Destroyers:  17

Artillery:  10

TOTAL:  88 tanks

A Russian company wouldn’t ever build a tank-warfare video game – and make Russian tanks more powerful than every other country in the game, now would they?…  Yes.  Yes they would.  In a heartbeat, apparently.

Russian tanks STRONK - w/ derpability!  If you only want to put forth time and effort on unlocking one nation’s tech-tree, go with the Russian Line.  It has some of the best armor, along with some of the best guns, along with some of the fastest and most agile tanks.  The Russian line-up has a bit of everything, for everyone.  If you like fast scouts, try the MT-25.  If you want a dominating premium tank, try the IS-6.  

As a whole, Russian tanks are rather over-powered.  Not so much that no one would play anything else, but enough to make the Russians happy and feel good about giving it to the Westerners and Asians (just watch how happy it makes them to team-kill Americans on the test server).  

On a side note, I dated a Russian girl once.  She lived within sight of Japan.  It was right across the water from her hometown.  And, I made the mistake of calling her Asian!  Apparently, Russians believe that they are all European, despite like 2/3 of their country being in Asia.  Hmmm.  Good to know…

Russian TD’s feature fearsome guns and hard armor.  The medium tanks are fast and pack a punch.  Heck, the MT-25 even makes for about the last remaining active scout in the game.  The best of all worlds are available in the Russian tree (not surprising).  Considering how much they hate Americans, don’t expect this to change any time soon.  

The best tanks in the game aren’t necessarily Russian, but as a whole, the Russian tree is the place to be.